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Tile Roof Restoration

Tile roof restoration in Adelaide will dramatically improve the street appeal of your home or seeking the peace of mind that comes from having a perfectly maintained roof, you simply cannot go past All City Roof Restorations for the highest quality roof restorations around. We have spent over a decade perfecting our processes and sourcing the best materials, and we believe nobody can match the quality and value for money we offer on cement tile roof restorations.

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How Tile Roof Restoration Works

First, we undertake a thorough inspection to determine the condition of the roof structure and the tiles. Based on the condition of the roof we will outline all repair options available. If restoration is required, the process typically begins with high-pressure cleaning. Any rainwater tanks are disconnected and tarpaulins used to cover sensitive areas or structures. The tiles are thoroughly cleaned to remove any fungus and contaminants. Once completed gutters and downpipes are cleaned and all mess removed from the property.

At this point, any repair work on the ridge capping will proceed. Based on the condition of the roof. More information can be found in ridge cap repair section.


On completion of the ridge work, any necessary repairs are made to flashings and vents, and all broken and chipped roof tiles are replaced with tiles of similar age and condition.


The roof is re-washed to remove any construction debris and a visual inspection of the whole roof makes sure all moss is removed from hard to reach places. Once the roof has dried sufficiently its treated with Dulux pre-treat solution to sterilise any moss and fungal spores and prevent their regrowth under the coating.


The roof is coated with Dulux primer to ensure any powdery oxide coating remaining on the tiles is chemically bonded to the cement substrate. Two coats of Dulux 962 roof membrane are applied to the roof at the coverage rates specified by Dulux Acratex. A 10-year warranty is given by Dulux and All-City Roof Restorations covering both product and workmanship for your complete peace of mind.

Can I Change Roof Tile Colour?

Nowadays, high acrylic roof coating products are available that are designed especially for changing the color of your roof tiles and can be colored to match any shade. In addition to resurfacing roof tiles, these products have been on the market for twenty years and fill in areas damaged by pressure cleaning to produce a smoother finish.

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