Cement, Terracotta and Metal

Roof Restoration Adelaide

Cement Tile Roof Restoration

If you’re looking to dramatically improve the street appeal of your home or seeking the peace of mind that comes from having a perfectly maintained roof, you simply cannot go past All City Roof Restorations for the highest quality roof restorations around. We have spent over a decade perfecting our processes and sourcing the best materials, and we believe nobody can match the quality and value for money we offer on cement tile roof restorations.

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Metal Roof Restoration

Whether you have an old galvanised roof that’s been battling the elements for decades or a nearly new Colorbond roof that’s developed some of the common coating problems like streaking or extreme fading, we can have it looking brand new in a flash. We have a proud history of perfection in metal recoating, and our strict adherence to temperature and atmospheric guidelines ensures your metal roof looks flawless, with no patching, over-spray or join lines.

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Terracotta Roof Restoration

Terracotta roof tiles have an impressive natural colour variation and a level of durability unmatched by cement tiles. However, due to the increased difficulty in maintenance, they are often left to slowly degrade under a heavy layer of moss. All City Roof Restorations provide an unmatched level of experience in terracotta roofing, having successfully restored 100′s of them throughout Adelaide. You can have complete confidence in our ability to restore your clay tile roof to a better than new condition

terracotta restoration terracotta restoration

Previously Restored Roofs

A previously restored roof can vary in its condition 1 the amount of paint that was originally applied 2 the amount of time the coating has been on your roof.

Cheaper and thinner paints tend not bot last long in the Australian sun and tend to break down (oxidise) more rapidly compared to a premium paint that is designed to last through even the harshest Australian elements.

Paint lifting and flaking away is not uncommon when the customer has had a tradesperson use cheaper paint!! If it you’ve never heard of or researched the paint brand its worth staying away from! If its ACRYLOC ROOFCOTE its worth doing.

*All city roof restorations will only use Acryloc RoofCote that’s recognised worldwide as a premium paint for all roof applications.
Roof Restoration | What is it? and how we can help., Roof Restorations Adelaide

Cleaning and Painting P/R Roofs

Pressure cleaning your roof once of moss/mould and the previous coatings doesn’t always remove the old coating on the first clean.
Double cleaning your roof surface making sure that as much of the old paint is removed before we can start the painting process.
If any ridge cap repairs or tiles need to be replaced customer will be told /shown so as to make sure your roof will be leak free. (Please refer to ridge capping page)

Using a Acryloc RoofCote roof primer surfacer to leave a grey base coat for the Acryloc RoofCote to bond to your roof ensuring years beautiful colour on your roof and having happy and not concerning yourself with doubt. Acryloc Roofcote comes with a 10-year warranty on its product and All city roof restorations also warranty all our roof coatings with the same 10-year warranty. Check out our gallery for some before and after previously restored roofs for you to view the difference.

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