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Metal Roof Restoration

Whether you have an old galvanised roof that’s been battling the elements for decades or a nearly new Colorbond roof that’s developed some of the common coating problems like streaking or extreme fading, we can have it looking brand new in a flash. We have a proud history of perfection in metal recoating, and our strict adherence to temperature and atmospheric guidelines ensures your metal roof looks flawless, with no patching, over-spray or join lines.

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Metal Roof Restoration Process


All rainwater tanks are disconnected and wastewater diversion is installed if required. Gutters are cleared out and any water sensitive areas are covered with tarpaulins.


On older nail fixed roofs, any loose or raised nails are removed and replaced with roof screws. For newer roofs, we check all fixings for corrosion and replace them if necessary. All flashings are checked and repaired if required.


The roof is thoroughly cleaned with high-pressure water to remove any contaminants and fungal growth. The gutters and downpipes are cleaned as well as any mess around the home.


Any corrosion is treated or removed and the roof is coated with Dulux Ultra-Etch primer to ensure the permanent adhesion of the top coats.


Your roof is sprayed with two coats of premium quality Dulux Acratex 962 membrane in the chosen colour. We have strict guidelines on roof temperature to ensure the coating drys evenly to produce a mirror finish.


Sit back and enjoy your revitalised roof, with the peace of mind of a ten-year warranty from Dulux and All City Roof Restorations.

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