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All City Roof Restorations are the premier roof restoration company servicing all of Adelaide and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us for all your roofing requirements.

Restoring Your Roof Has Never Been So Easy

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Restoring, Repairing and Cleaning

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Roof restoration in Adelaide has never been a ‘quick fix’ paint job. All City Roof Restorations offer professional restoration and repairs to restore a roof to its original condition. The Adelaide roof restoration specialists from All City Roof Restorations all have the correct and up-to-date licensing. This is why we can guarantee high-quality workmanship for Adelaide locals. It is our goal to be the greatest Roof maintenance specialist in Adelaide and treat every roof like a work of art.

Roof Restoration

Servicing Adelaide

All City Roof Restorations & Repairs can turn your home into the stand out of the street by restoring your roof to a like-new appearance.

Roof Restoration Adelaide

Why Choose Us?

If you’re looking to dramatically improve the street appeal of your home or seeking the peace of mind that comes from having a perfectly maintained roof, you simply cannot go past All City Roof Restorations.

Quality Results

All City Roof Restorations only use the best quality products, equipment, and qualified staff which is why we can guarantee quality results every time. 


Having restored, repaired, and cleaned the roof of over 1000 properties we can assure you our restoration services are the best you will find in Adelaide.


Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to restoring your roof? All City Roof Restorations are happy to provide the best quote you will find in Adelaide.

Adelaide Roof Restoration & Repair

Is Your Roof in Need of Restoration?

All City Roof Restorations aren’t just recognized as the best in roof restorations but also regarded as one of the best priced. This means homeowners across Adelaide are getting the best roof restoration services for the best price. Along with this amazing price and roof restoration and repair service you can have peace of mind knowing we are extremely clean, insured, and treat your property with the utmost respect. Choose All City Roof Restorations and we will be sure to treat your foo like a fine work of art, not a spec will be missed and neighbours will be sure to admire your property from the street.

Roof Restoration FAQs

Questions & Answers

We keep things super simple. You can contact us via the form on our contact page or you can give us a call or txt to 0432 696 251. There are a few key details we need to get from you to provide an accurate and cost-effective quote. Please note, we are located in Adelaide.

At All City Roof Restorations we specialize in 3 types of roofs which include: cement tiles, terracotta and metal. We have vast experience working on these roofs and have assisted an immense amount of homes across Adelaide.

All City Roof Restorations are based in Adelaide and offer roof restoration and roof repair services to all Adelaide residents.

It’s impossible to give you a price without hearing more about the job you require. Every home is unique and so is every job. What we can guarantee is an incredible price.

Roof restoration is the cost-effective method of restoring life and appearance in a roof. Roof restoration is typically done on cement tiles, terracotta and metal roofs. To view the difference a roof restoration can make on your home and get a better idea of how it may help you, view our collection of roof restorations in our gallery.

Some may what to know what is a roof restoration? A roof restoration is the process of restoring a roof and typically involves cleaning, repairing and repainting of preexisting roof elements. This is designed to prolong the life of a homes roof and is considered a far cheaper option compared to a complete roof replacement. A roof restoration is different to a roof repair and a roof replacement.

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